Known Duktape debug client implementations

If you've implemented a debug client or integrated Duktape debugging with your project, open an issue on the Duktape Wiki to be added here.

Table columns:

Debug client/proxy Transport Protocol Description
duk_debug.js TCP binary duk_debug.js provides a Node.js based combined debug client and web UI. Bundled with Duktape.
duk_debug.js TCP binary duk_debug.js also provides a Node.js based JSON debug proxy. Bundled with Duktape.
duk_debug_proxy.js TCP binary A JSON debug proxy written in DukLuv, should be quite portable and easy to bundle with your application (DukLuv is also MIT licensed). Bundled with Duktape.
AllJoyn.js AllJoyn custom binary Provides both a console and a Python UI. Debug transport is local to target and exposes an AllJoyn schema for debugging.
Minisphere TCP binary Minisphere provides both a GUI and console debug clients. Screenshots: screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3, screenshot4.
duk4vb In process binary Debugger for Duktape running with Visual Basic 6. Screenshots: screenshot1.
VSCode duk-debug TCP binary Visual Studio Code debugger extension for the Duktape runtime.
Screenshots: screenshot1, screenshot2.