Configuring Duktape for build

Duktape 2.x

See Configuring Duktape 2.x for build.

Duktape 1.x

See Configuring Duktape 1.x for build.

Options for specific environments

Timing sensitive

Timing sensitive applications include e.g. games. For such environments steady, predictable performance is important, often more important than absolute performance. Duktape provides some options to improve use in these environments; for instance, you can disable automatic mark-and-sweep and rely on reference counting and manually requested mark-and-sweep for garbage collection.


Memory constrained

Duktape can work in 192kB flash memory (code footprint) and 64kB system RAM (including Duktape and a minimal OS), and provides a lot of feature options to minimize memory footprint. These feature options are often useful for systems with less than 256kB of system RAM.


Performance sensitive

The default Duktape build has reasonable performance options for most environments. Even so there are some feature options which may be used to improve performance by e.g. enabling fast paths, enabling "fastint" support, or trading some API safety for performance.