Projects using Duktape (alphabetical order)

AllJoyn.js Using Duktape for embedded applications, debugger integration, git repo
Atomic Game Engine Using Duktape for scripting
BlogC++ Static blog compiler, using Duktape for scripting
CargoWebServer A Javascript web application framework written in Go
ClearBlade IoT Cloud and Edge Platform uses Duktape for its microservice runtime wrapped with cgo
Contraption Maker Using Duktape for mods
duk-glfw GLFW bindings for Duktape Libuv bindings for Duktape
dukpy Python bindings for Duktape
dukserver HTTP server based on Duktape
Duktape Android Library for using Duktape on Android, integrations to Android, support for binding Java to JS and JS to Java
duktape-java A Java binding for Duktape
DuktapeJava Java NDK wrapper for Duktape on Android
duktape4j A Java binding for Duktape
duktape-node Running scripts in a separate isolated context from Node.js
duktape-opengl OpenGL bindings for Duktape
duktape.rb Ruby binding for Duktape
Dumais Home Automation System (DHAS) Using Duktape for home automation event scripting
Edbrowse A combination editor, browser, and mail client that is 100% text based
FreeWRL A virtual reality browser which uses Duktape for scripting
Frida Using Duktape for reverse engineering binaries
GnuCOBOL A free COBOL compiler
go-duktape Go binding for Duktape
hs-duktape Haskell binding for Duktape
Irccd IRC bot written in C++14 and Javascript, using Duktape for scripting
Janus WebRTC Server Using Duktape for a scripting interface to the Janus WebRTC Server
JavaScript::Duktape Perl binding for Duktape
libpac Using Duktape to parse proxy PAC files
Megatools Using Duktape for main program logic
Movian Media center, using Duktape for plugins
NanoCanvas A portable JavaScript vector graphics engine, using Duktape for scripting
NetSurf Web browser, using Duktape for browser Javascript
Prism-384 A "fantasy console" - an imaginary late 80s-esque virtual home computer - using Duktape for its code interpreter
Qgoda Using Duktape for running auxiliary code written in JavaScript
radare Using Duktape for reverse engineering scripts
RareWire application studio Using Duktape for scripting
Sassafras K2 Hardware and software asset management suite, using Duktape for scripting
SIT An offline-first/file-based/merge-friendly issue tracker, using Duktape to run user-defined event records reducers, producing meaningful projections of issues
Skookum JS A skookum JavaScript runtime
Soletta IoT framework
SQLite's Cafe JavaScript for SQLite
swift-duktape Swift bindings for Duktape
tcl-duktape Tcl bindings for Duktape
Unicon The Unicon programming language
ZUI A cross platform UI development library, uses Duktape for scripting

If you're using Duktape in your project, send an e-mail or open a GitHub issue to be added to the list.