How to enable debug prints

How to enable debug prints

Duktape 1.x

  • Enable DUK_OPT_DPRINT / DUK_USE_DPRINT for minimal logs
  • Enable also DUK_OPT_DDPRINT / DUK_USE_DDPRINT for verbose logs
  • Enable also DUK_OPT_DDDPRINT / DUK_USE_DDDPRINT for very verbose logs

Logs will be written to stderr.

Duktape 2.x

  • Enable DUK_USE_DEBUG
  • Define DUK_USE_DEBUG_LEVEL=<n> where n is 0 for minimal logs, 1 for verbose logs, and 2 for very verbose logs
  • Define DUK_USE_DEBUG_WRITE(level,file,line,func,msg) to write out log entries; this allows you to fully control where debug logs should go

Example of DUK_USE_DEBUG_WRITE in manually edited duk_config.h:

#define DUK_USE_DEBUG_WRITE(level,file,line,func,msg) do { \
		fprintf(stderr, "D%ld %s:%d (%s): %s\n", \
		        (long) (level), (file), (long) (line), (func), (msg));
	} while (0)

Same function as an argument to tools/

'-DDUK_USE_DEBUG_WRITE(level,file,line,func,msg)=do {fprintf(stderr, "D%ld %s:%ld (%s): %s\n", (long) (level), (file), (long) (line), (func), (msg));} while(0)'
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